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GEONETCast Americas covers the Americas, EUMETCAST covers Europe and Africa and FengYunCast covers Asia. See the following picture for a global view of the planned GEONETCast satellite coverage.

Map of world showing coverage of all GEONETCast contributors
Planned coverage for all GEONETCast participants.
(Click drawing to enlarge)

Map of world showing satellite size required to receive GEONETCast Americas according to location
Satellite dish size required, according to location.
(Click drawing to enlarge)

GEONETCast Americas is a contribution from the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration whose goal is to enable enhanced dissemination, application, and exploitation of environmental data and products for the diverse societal benefits defined by the Group on Earth Observations (GEO), including Biodiversity and Ecosystem Sustainability; Disaster Resilience; Energy and Mineral Resources Management; Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture; Infrastructure and Transportation Management; Public Health Surveillance; Sustainable Urban Development and Water Resources Management.

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